"My Only Interest is You!"

Steve Ly


It is straightforward. The only interest I have is what matters most to you, your family, and our community.

I represent Democrats. I represent Republicans. I represent Independents. I’m not beholden to any special interest, donors, or political parties. I am the only Non-Partisan person in this election fighting for the best interests of all Sacramento County residents in District 5. I stand firm in representing all voters.


Rebuilding Sacramento County Economy. Public Safety. Homelessness. Education. These are my priorities and my motivation to ensure that regardless of status, we all have equal opportunities.


One thing is certain, I have the experience that matters to deliver real solutions to real problems. I do not run on empty campaign promises. This election, I am asking for your help so we can make certain that no one gets left behind. Together, we can help all Sacramento residents succeed.

-Steve Ly for Sacramento County Supervisor


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Steve Ly's Top Priorities as Supervisor

Jobs and Economic Development

Rebuilding Sacramento County. The creation and growth of more jobs is crucial to the sustainability of our community. Our economy needs to work for all people.

Steve's Position

Read to learn more about how Steve's experiences will help create more jobs.
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Public Safety / First Responders

With the alarming rise in crime, I will make public safety a top priority. The Safety of our community is important.

Steve's Position

I will support and fund our first responders: deputies and firefighters so they can do their jobs to protect us all.
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All people have an inherent right to permanent housing and adequate housing is a precondition for getting off the streets.

Steve's Position

Read more about how Steve's unique and empathetic approach to addressing homelessness in our community.
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The education of a single child takes a village. Let's embrace this mentality of learning by leaning on family and community members to prioritize education within a community. Education has the power to change lives.

Steve's Position

Read more about Steve's extensive background as an educator and advocate for youth.
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women for steve ly

Women from everywhere share why they're supporting steve Ly

Dr. May Ying
Steve Ly is an inspirational leader to many young people who rolls up his sleeve to work along with the community. This is rare these days in politics, having someone who truly cares about the community and has done the work to build up the community.
Mary Thao
“I feel it’s important for women to have a seat at the table as policymakers because we bring important perspectives and experiences to build successful communities and economies”. Steve Ly has supported both my runs for Wausau School Board and Wausau City Council with his political roadmap and ideologies.
Linda Yang
"I support Steve Ly for Sacramento County Board of Supervisor " -Linda Yang
Sendra Yang
"I stand with Steve Ly" - Sendra Yaj

Steve Ly has been a vocal advocate for women and women’s rights.