Public Service Is About The People

Steve Ly was America’s first Hmong mayor when he was elected in 2016 by the people of Elk Grove and currently serves as the President and CEO of the civil rights organization Asian American Civil Liberties & Anti-Defamation.

For historical context, the Hmong were refugees of the Vietnam war and relocated to the United States.  During the Vietnam war many Hmong people, including Steve Ly’s father, rescued American pilots in Northern Laos, protected the United States radar positions, and disrupted the Ho Chi Minh supply chain. The Hmong Americans are heroes who came to America as refugees after the Vietnam war.

Steve Ly has gone on record to say that public service is not about him as a person. For him, public service is for the people.  It is about producing real results for all citizens.  His track record proves this. Steve Ly served as a Board Member for the following organizations:

*California State Advisory Council on Refugee Assistance and Services

*Asian Pacific School Board Members Association

*Hmong Women Heritage Association

He has shown time and time again that he stands with disenfranchised groups of people and for all citizens. His character and integrity make him the best candidate for Sacramento County Supervisor District 5.  Steve Ly is the answer for all citizens.

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