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Over the last several years, nationwide demonstrations have created unparalleled levels of conversation regarding the allocation of public safety resources (e.g., police) in United States cities.  The most significant question that arises from these discussions is, of course, how to establish a model of public safety (new or prevailing), without risking an increase in violent outbursts, inciting racial disputes, or producing other unintended consequences that do not directly and drastically improve the overall safety of our constituents.

Public safety is certainly among the most critical initiatives that I will pursue for our Sacramento community.  The lives of our people depend on the ability of public safety professionals to respond quickly to emergency situations and the capacity of these specialists to do their jobs effectively and competently.  As long as there is crime in our community or threats to public protection, the need for public safety programs and professionals will not, and should not, ever go away.

As former Mayor, City Council member, and School Board Trustee, I have worked tirelessly for the citizens of Sacramento, including a proven track record of championing issues most important to the county.  During my leadership tenure, crime was at an all-time low and my actions have always reinforced my words.

It should be noted that establishing strict and smart public safety programs and creating an economical and judicious budgetary plan to finance these programs are not mutually exclusive activities.  I will assure that we are using the most current data and research to drive our decision making so that we can guarantee that our investments are having the maximum impact on improving the safety and security of our people.  This is an area of primary focus and importance for me as I continue my campaign for the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors District 5 seat in the June primary election.

As we have all learned over the past several years, instituting programs to establish and maintain public safety is not only about crafting a workable solution now, it is even more important to continually assess the effectiveness of the programs and make dynamic adjustments as necessary to close any gaps that start to appear based on the rapidly-evolving environment we are living in.  This is where the experience that I bring to the Board of Supervisors can be so vital, and in a position that can be so impactful to the people of this district, Experience Matters.  With my knowledge of the community, my prior involvement in the development and implementation of policies designed to protect people, places and information from external threats, I am not only the right person for the Board of Supervisors position, I’m the only person for the position.

Here’s the thing.  Public safety programs are so much more than just establishing curriculums that safeguard our community members.  While that is surely the primary aspect of the program, a sustainable policy must also consider ways to reduce recidivism, prevent future crime, build community trust in a safe urban environment, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system.

At its core, law enforcement and public safety is all about protecting others and preventing future criminality.  While it is the number-one priority of public safety officers to safeguard their communities and the individuals living within them, it is also critical to the sustainment of the program that our public safety officers are trained to exercise good judgment, make good decisions and manage challenges with control.  These are skills that will be learned and practiced under the initiatives that I will propose.  Initiatives that will make our community a better place to live.  Because when all is said and done, It’s About You.



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